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ASRock PHANTOM GAMING Mini ITX Thunderbolt 3



I want to buy a ASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING-ITX/TB3 Mini ITX Thunderbolt 3 AMD Motherboard. I read that the Thunderbolt 3 can connect up to 2 4k 60hz monitors at the same time. 

My questions are:


1. Can I just connect a thunderbolt 3 cable to this motherboard that splits into both monitors? 

2. What if the monitor does not have an usb c port, will I need to connect it to a display port adapter?

3. Can I connect 2 Asus ROG SWIFT PG279QZ 27.0" 2560x1440 165 Hz Monitor at the same time?


If there are any links to tutorials I would appreciate it also.  


Thanks in advance.


-Ub the accountant that is trying to learn about computers to build one. 

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