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Best way of packing monitors

I'm going to be moving my dual monitors (both 25") and my mid-tower PC in a single day drive, I have some ideas but am looking to see if any of y'all got better ones!

Thanks in advance!

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1TB WD Blue

Power Supply: EVGA 500W 80+Bronze

Case: Phanteks P350X

Monitors: HP Omen 25in 144hz

and some 25in Acer

Keyboard: Corsair K70 LUX RGB

Mouse: Corsair M65 Pro

Headphones= VModa Crossfade Wireless(but used wired)

Speakers: Some janky speakers I jerry-rigged

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If you still have the monitor boxes use those


im pretty sure Linus had a video on packing your pc

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If you have the boxes, pack them in their boxes and just place the, in the back seat. If you dont have the boxes, bubble wrap them and place them in your back seat or take a thick soft blanket to wrap them up and place them in your back seat.

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26 minutes ago, Fuzzleworth1 said:

I'm going to be moving my dual monitors (both 25") and my mid-tower PC in a single day drive, I have some ideas but am looking to see if any of y'all got better ones!

Thanks in advance!

Use the original boxes that the monitors shipped in. If you don't have those, then next best thing is a lot of moving blankets.

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45 minutes ago, Fuzzleworth1 said:

I'm going to be moving my dual monitors (both 25") and my mid-tower PC in a single day drive, I have some ideas but am looking to see if any of y'all got better ones!

Thanks in advance!

A) Original box

B) Salvage the foam sheet from something and put it over the actual screen, then wrap it in a towel or bubble wrap

C) Get a box larger than the screen/computer, put a towel over the ports and then and put cloth or plastic shopping bags in it as padding. Soft clothing will work too.

D) Tape cardboard over the front of the screen, transport it carefully.


The issue is more about scratches and punctures from hitting a hard surface while in transit. The original box is ideal, even if you lost the screen cover. 


I would recommend against anything that is "loose" packing, eg packing peanuts, styrofoam, cardboard. If you have those inflatable plastic "bags of air" that some electronics come in, those will also work to pad the space to keep it from bouncing, but will not protect the monitor sufficiently unless there is padding.


For CPU towers, you can just put them in the backseat of the car, wrap it in a towel if you're concerned about scratches or damage to the ports. The tower itself will be damaged regardless if anything strikes the ports, or glass in it, so you may want to tape cardboard over that just to avoid any accidental things hitting it, but really, the ports rarely get damaged on desktops. Laptops and garbage in the bottom of a laptop bag though... I've pulled small screws out of USB ports.


I'm wondering if there is a market for PC onesies for shipping.

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Just sell those and get another pair of monitors. No-damage guarenteed... But to sell, those, you'll need... some packaging!!!


When I moved, we just simply wrapped some bubblewrap and chucked them in a box filled with news paper


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Anyways, I am always glad to help

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I usually throw most boxes away once the product is in and working, I never throw away monitor boxes...


I also keep GPU boxes and packing as I buy new and keep for around 3 years before upgrading.


Use the original if you can, if not LTT has a video on packing PCs.

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depends where you live, but I found (need for customers) some amazon moving cardboard boxes which are made especially for screens and paintings.

 You apply the usual sheet of foam as decribed before and lots of bubble wrap just in case.



That's if you really feel insecure and need a box and will put them one on top of the other, or next to each other.


You can also go to your closest  electronics shop or tv shop and ask them if by chance they have some boxes for your screens you can get for free.

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