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Acer X34 P - loosing DP connection

I recently bought an ACER X34 P and am using it with a DP cable and 120 HZ. 

But when I'm playing I'm experiencing "drop-outs" of connection; screen goes black and then back to normal with a "DP" sign at the top right, just like when you plug in a source to the screen. 


It doesn't happen when I'm using windows normally, only rarely will it do so. But in games it happens frequently. I've ruled out cable problems, interference etc. it's not any "sleep mode" or similar. HDMI works fine, but DP get these black screen drop-outs all the time when gaming. 


I've searched online and there's a few who reportedly has similar problems, but there's no answers, ideas as to why it happens or how to solve it. It doesn't even seem like Acer themselves know what is going on. It's infuriating to have a problem that never gets any answers and people just seem to ignore the problems by getting something else.

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I've tried searching around for an answer and I can't get any answers anywhere, not from Acer, not from users, even though lots of people are experiencing this.

Sigh, anyone?

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