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Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) Voltage/Heat Problems Mega Thread [Updated 30/07/19]

I ran the test 6 times and the score was always the exact same. Which in itself was weird, but this is a fresh install with nothing added to run on background yet.
Then I went to tune the fans and disabled mobo RGB icon while I was there. Lost me about 15 points!!!1

Just kidding, on this boot I just got lesser scores and I got curious. Tried locking all the cores to the same speed I had when it was on Auto, gave a bit of extra voltage and the score was again lower. Then I bumbed up all the cores to 4.1GHz which was more than I ever saw on all core loads, score was still lower.


At 4.15GHz I finally got my 1% back which has me thinking. Is PBO acting so fast that Ryzen Master doesn't care to show us that the clocks per core have in fact spiked higher than we thought?

3700X | NH-D15 | X470-F | 2x16GB @3200MHz | RTX 2060 Ventus OC

RM650x | Fractal Design R4 | NVMe 970 EVO Plus 512GB | SATA 850 EVO 512GB

<Build Log>

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With my 3600 stock, no pbo or anything it will boost to around 4.1 in the multi core test on R15, higher in the single core test. I get between 1620 and 1630 on runs. Sometimes lower, sometimes a bit higher. If I do a manual overclock to 4.2 I can get to like 1660-1680. PBO increases my single core test scores by about 5 points but doesn't do much for the multi core scores.


And yes, core speeds and voltages could be and probably are changing faster than the software can keep up. Maybe not so much on a multi core load though, but they really go nuts on a single core load. They spike up and down and bounce from core to core like crazy lol.


You got me with the RGB thing, thanks for the laugh, I needed it. I am not a fan of the RGB/LED thing myself. Maybe its because I am in my 50's or that my computer doubles as a HTPC. I really don't want all that crap shining in my face. I am trying to figure out to shut the lights off on my b450 tomahawk, it has this strip of bright ass red leds that are driving me nuts. My case has a glass front to they are beaming me right in the freaking eyes now. Or at least change the color, red makes me think something is wrong lol. I would like to just off the light on my 2070 FE as well. I heard it was an option but I haven't figured out how yet, or looked into it. I just got 5 new case fans the other day too. I specifically told them I didn't want to LED or RGB fans, just plain black ones. I would rather have better fans with more cfm then pretty lights. I get it all put together and find out two out of the 5 have blue leds in them. Now my case has red lights on the mobo, green lights on the video card blue lights on some of the fans and the AIO pump cycles different colors. It looks someone shoved a damn christmas tree in my case lmao. Ya, I know, I am the dumb ass that bought a case with a bunch of glass panels on it. And in the stores defense on the case fans they all had the same part number and they are all the same CFM, just two have blue LEDs for some reason.

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On 7/30/2019 at 4:02 PM, Master Disaster said:

Update 30/07/19


Lots of fresh information and a new driver release from AMD.


Before updating please do the following...

  1. Open Control Panel > Power Options
  2. Click Advanced Settings
  3. Select any default Windows profile
  4. For any Ryzen profile click Change Profile Settings
  5. Click Remove Profile 
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for all Ryzen profiles

After you've removed all the Ryzen profiles install the updated driver from here.


There's also been an update to Ryzen Master and AMD now recommend you use only that to monitor temps and voltage.


Get it from here


Finally a new AGESA update has been sent to board manufacturers and is currently undergoing testing so please keep an eye out for a new bios release in the next few days. 

so, I had a few hours today while my  house was being worked on, and I got curious and updated the chipset drivers.


idle clocks would never go below 3.75

idle voltages more frequently went down to around 1

max boost clocks appear to have gone down aboout .50Mhz in both single and all cores - so a slight perf hit to max boost clocks


interesting thing is, the temps were the same at idle using booth new chipset drivers and the ones I installed few weeks  ago.  So I reverted back to previous

Rock On!

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So I just installed my Ryzen 3700x last night and been reading up on the voltage issues this morning.  Like others seeing idle voltages around 1.45-1.48V and load voltages dropping to 1.25V in Cinebench R20 (WTF AMD?).  Uninstalled GeForce Experience and shut down iCue and sure enough idle voltages dropped to 1.15V.  


I'm still trying to sort through all this info but is there any way to get your voltages to drop at Idle other than disabling software?


EDIT: I already updated to the latest BIOS available from Asus and installed the latest AMD Chipset drivers from AMD.com

Current Rig
AMD Ryzen 3700X - Asus ROG Strix X570-E - 32 GB GSkill TridentZ RGB
GeForce GTX 1080Ti - Samsung 840 Pro 256GB - Silverstone TJ07

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On 8/24/2019 at 3:58 PM, Crion said:

... and load voltages dropping to 1.25V in Cinebench R20 (WTF AMD?)...

That's nice! Mine keeps at around 1.4V in multi-cinebench. The CPU has a power budget and if it were to bumb max voltage in all-core load it would go way over it. Though you can up the limits.

By now all the software should be fixed or at least close to being able to work simultaneously without conflicts. Are you also using Ryzen Balanced power plan?


I'm still at the Zen2 launch BIOS for my mobo which I just found out to have AGESA and I'm still getting idles of 0.9-1.0V,  but that's just average, or max, or I don't know. In Ryzen Master I can often see 6 of the 8 cores asleep and the last two at very low clock speed so it's not as simple as looking at a single number and drawing conclusions from it.


At this point I have pretty much stopped caring about it too much, as long as my temps are good I'm good. :D


3700X | NH-D15 | X470-F | 2x16GB @3200MHz | RTX 2060 Ventus OC

RM650x | Fractal Design R4 | NVMe 970 EVO Plus 512GB | SATA 850 EVO 512GB

<Build Log>

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i have a ryzen 7 3800x,gigabyte x470 gaming ultra with a noctua nh d15 this is a picture of ryzen status on windows balanced power plan on idle

Screenshot (2).png

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