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Hey, I've got one that I have not found a solution to yet.


When I play games in general, I get this weird and disturbing sound explosion. Like its about to break my headset. Someone opens fire right next to me and the GLITCH/BUG or whatever it is goes off  and brings the sound up to 1500% (I'm trying to paint a picture). And I'll to throw of the headset off. 


I've tried to reinstall all drivers, every little one there is, reinstalled the OS etc. The only thing that makes this weird explosion go away is while I'm using Voicemeeter Banana, but then I run into the problem of some games not picking that one up so sometimes there is no sound in game or the mic is gone so I can't communicate to my teammates other than through Discord. Its just the games.


This explosion happens only in games but when it does it effects all sound so discord or videos in the background goes up as well. 


So can it be a faulty motherboard or something else. PLEASE HELP


Sorry if the grammar is on the lvl of a 1 y/old 

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Does it happen with other headsets or speakers?

Don't ask to ask, just ask... please 🤨

sudo chmod -R 000 /*

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Sauron'stm Product Scores:


Just a list of my personal scores for some products, in no particular order, with brief comments. I just got the idea to do them so they aren't many for now :)

Don't take these as complete reviews or final truths - they are just my personal impressions on products I may or may not have used, summed up in a couple of sentences and a rough score. All scores take into account the unit's price and time of release, heavily so, therefore don't expect absolute performance to be reflected here.


-Lenovo Thinkpad X220 - [8/10]


A durable and reliable machine that is relatively lightweight, has all the hardware it needs to never feel sluggish and has a great IPS matte screen. Downsides are mostly due to its age, most notably the screen resolution of 1366x768 and usb 2.0 ports.


-Apple Macbook (2015) - [Garbage -/10]


From my perspective, this product has no redeeming factors given its price and the competition. It is underpowered, overpriced, impractical due to its single port and is made redundant even by Apple's own iPad pro line.


-OnePlus X - [7/10]


A good phone for the price. It does everything I (and most people) need without being sluggish and has no particularly bad flaws. The lack of recent software updates and relatively barebones feature kit (most notably the lack of 5GHz wifi, biometric sensors and backlight for the capacitive buttons) prevent it from being exceptional.


-Microsoft Surface Book 2 - [Garbage - -/10]


Overpriced and rushed, offers nothing notable compared to the competition, doesn't come with an adequate charger despite the premium price. Worse than the Macbook for not even offering the small plus sides of having macOS. Buy a Razer Blade if you want high performance in a (relatively) light package.


-Intel Core i7 2600/k - [9/10]


Quite possibly Intel's best product launch ever. It had all the bleeding edge features of the time, it came with a very significant performance improvement over its predecessor and it had a soldered heatspreader, allowing for efficient cooling and great overclocking. Even the "locked" version could be overclocked through the multiplier within (quite reasonable) limits.


-Apple iPad Pro - [5/10]


A pretty good product, sunk by its price (plus the extra cost of the physical keyboard and the pencil). Buy it if you don't mind the Apple tax and are looking for a very light office machine with an excellent digitizer. Particularly good for rich students. Bad for cheap tinkerers like myself.



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7 hours ago, Titanhunters said:

Yes, I got a pile of headsets and a bunch of speakers just collecting dust now.

Are you sure the issue isn't just that you're listening to stuff that's too loud, and when an explosion happens your amp clips?

Hey! New SIgnature! 


I'm supposedly a person on the Internet, but you'll never know if I'm human or not ;)

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Yeah, I've had friends over that it has happen to as well. Normally I use a Man of war headset from Razer, I have it around 22-32 in vol during games but I can go as far up to 100 but that would suck so much and hurt. While on soundcloud I got it maxed out while the headset is on 14. This difference happens on every headset and set speakers. 

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