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Stream my website to youtube

Hi there!


As a tech enthusiast, I have built a nice looking website, interacting with lots of data, which displays a real-time dashboard.

You could compare it with for example a realtime stock market dashboard.


The website looks great in full screen. It runs on a VM running on my Intel NUC (4rd gen; i3 4010U) in VMware ESXi.

I only got residential internet (no fixed IP) with an upload of 5Mbps.


I see some benefits in streaming this dashboard to youtube instead of trying to host it as a public website:

- the streaming is free, no cost compared to hosting a website to reach thousands of users

- the viewers have unlimited bandwidth

- the viewers can open the dashboard anywhere, smartphones, old computers

- there is no security risk compared to exposing a website, interactivity is not needed

- the stream can be embedded in another (low cost) hosted website

- possibility to monetize... etc


This is what I already tried:

- create an additional linux CentOS VM on my NUC with OBS software, open Firefox and stream my website to youtube 1080p: I get 3fps with the CPU at 100%

- create an additional Windows 10 VM on my NUC OBS software, open Crhome and stream my website to youtube 1080p: I get 4fps with the CPU at 100%


These fps ratio's are not acceptable since there is a lot of visual content on the site.

Also changing the color depth to 15bit did not help. Changing the resolution to 720p did not really help either.

OBS only shows software acceleration.


So now I am looking for:

- a PC that can open my website in full screen on a 1080p display. I think almost any pc from the passed 10 years can do that.

- a way to stream that to website youtube 24/7. preferably this is the same PC.

- in the most energy efficient way possible, like maximum 35 Watt power consumption

- for the cheapest price possible, as in 100$, used parts are OK


Any ideas for me?

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3 minutes ago, djorkaef said:

OBS only shows software acceleration.

Yeah, you'd need GPU-passthrough to get HW-accel.


5 minutes ago, djorkaef said:

Any ideas for me?

Either find some cheap crapola with a recent-ish (Haswell or newer) Intel CPU with an iGPU, so you can use the iGPU for HW-encoding in OBS, or find some even cheaper crapola, then find a GTX1050 or similar for it and use that for HW-encoding.

Hand, n. A singular instrument worn at the end of the human arm and commonly thrust into somebody’s pocket.

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Thank you WereCatf! Because of you I looked to GPU passtrough since I have a hashwell CPU in the NUC.

After enabling the passthrough, this works! 1080p at 30fps no problem! Thanks!

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