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1 server multiple gamers around the house?

I dare say this has already been asked on the forum and I do apologize for re asking it if it already has. But in the off chance it hasn't how's this for a overly complex and most likely not financially viable idea. 1 server that does all your PC's in your house. And I'm not talking in the same room or remoting into the machine. I'm talking is there a way to pass optical and say 2 USB data transmions through a dedicated lam cable to another room where it would have a hub that reverts it back to HDMI and USB? I'm assuming you would saturate cat6 trying to do so wouldn't you and wouldn't that latency make it ungamable . For certain things such as photo and video editing remoting into a machine would be ok but for gaming thays just not quite going to cut it. As my house sits at the moment I live with my parents and my sister and my girlfriend. I have my central server running unraid for Plex, run my Nas, security backup, and have my virtual machines set up. My girlfriend likes to do lots of photo editing on her tablet on the sofa but it only has a celeron CPU so she just remotes into her machine to edit. My father likes to do drone video editing and he just has a i3 laptop so he just remotes into his seperate machine to edit . My sister attends high school so she remotes in to her machine to go around the schools security. And for me and my sister boyfriend we have a machine we just use for steam to stream our games so we can play AAA titles on out laptops. Just wondering if there is a way to do away with my gaming desktop and just move to one environment. 


Sincerely your residential Australian 


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SOMETHING has to do the processing.


If your just after raw CPU power and storage then  nice home server might be the way.


If it was was me I would prefer to have the meaty gaming power on my desk and run a server for multiplayer.


Maybe that’s just me and thinking about latency. When I am gaming I want as little as possible.


Sounds great to me that you have everyone remoting in like that but they are doing things where latency isn’t an issue.


I can see it working for games like Cities Skylines, Civ and alike but not so much for Rocket League and CSGO


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I don't see any reason why you couldn't do it, but by the time you rewire everything and have it configured I think you'll find that multiple pcs with some shared storage might be better, even in terms of cost-to-performance. 

Once I get back to school I plan to have a big rig build, a MacBook or similar for mobile stuff, and a nas to tie it all together. 

Until wireless HDMI dongles become mainstream, there's just no replacement for a desktop imo.

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The only way this would work is using Thunderbolt like Linus did or running really long HDMI cables like I did. Using USB for video doesn't work for gaming (I tried it) so you're looking at either multiple long cable runs or an expensive Thunderbolt hub and cable.




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im wondering if i put a thunderbolt card in the server if i can somehow pass through the data to the cat 6 lines i have already run around the house. i have a minimum of 2 lines in all rooms, most rooms having 3 on average. im just trying to find out if i can go from thunderbolt to a dedicated cat6 line then go to the room and have a doc that comes from the cat6line that will have display out and usb to talk to the server. but doing all this i think ill be getting some decent delay time.



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so now i think i found my answer. its within the budget and im thinking of trying out just one to see how it fairs and see what the latancy is like. im hoeing with this i can connect several gpus to several rooms and use it so the seperate rooms have a physical display and keyboard and mouse. for programs that wont suffere from latency such as my family photo or video editing i think it should be ok however im not sure what it would be like for gaming. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/120M-HDMI-KVM-Extender-USB-IR-Over-IP-LAN-Network-Switch-Extends-HDMI-10-2Gbps/303086659702?hash=item46915f6876&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&enc=AQADAAADEFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVgERUdvLwe%2FAwR7WTS%2BvKeyDcQb7uHpLrvJHt1QH2q7lvOG8gaFi8quH%2BbP70etJYm0SMvH9KfE6NQQ8aMNKBty%2FeSLAKUvPGVAs%2BR%2Bl5elJNi6xYKmSmPZnhRIxJGPAD0U73lqg9gwc1fEIM4U6OqSGZSkc1YWlbUihC6VlgYUKbDka0rUH35tKDMraoYWtYsvGSA0YyCikfdpxBzF5nBIz3v0gjaNrY%2Bcmczot72roEXaC6nHgcgAgs9gt%2Fo%2FjZcbVQNCg48EldvHI3vlSZAbMOROArhKYQbLGSk5aSgvg6Fkl6Pzgq8r%2B84Xct6WsCBcoAK8Yh%2BziS5rkjz9NBasQXHpHWb1SBrA5sVipaW%2FK7pTKaZ4odcRMKBDb3u26H7oRCmmJRlT%2BYWKL35Z8h%2B%2FkIGYvNtvruD%2BjgfXiYfXylg393K1PpSf%2B%2BdYRqOm33yzERx8OsMySMBQvXBUdSiGgoAFsgWp5YP6acK5eipzvtqoj%2B38SgVuHkld6dfzrSD4LwPKIO6COdILd8fACnjUY2bey4Cu%2FCbYwHXjxaXx7fQ7ppjT8LEkEyd8DjksC4DcwuKhulhom%2F2GW2wPBARyviCsIeoP8BtlQTML3TFeuW3YDgWnCR%2Fk0PKkrvbMbd4vr6ZFmSJzIOf9EC7PNRLv%2BMlXjYhmv6Si9c7EHgh87J3zXGPkSJUhKDmDM0hdIGj71xm0OJy5X2NciO8VkMmhKnPg2ZNGTc50AqTUekScM6dT7kZA8S7%2FpabsGQhXH0rhpXd2V4FYEBuLqvp3jVlgawS8%2B60VKd4V4YMAwOP0DPPRkUVPOeYil%2B%2Bh%2FEt49zs3orWlV%2FQy2V%2FOfeYJJvv59ah1ADAq4fN0mdBBSBVp7XTb61ARRXS0j2WLHpM5HkyWvCcft7gvZdPvoTtdEoLbBq%2B8UpcjBawn2IVWbhCu1xSU970p8ayw5pe625utPEDLiytC%2F6faAixxs7EalafKs6BcHJReVsU9%2BZU53WuAo%3D&checksum=3030866597021a38b8f1684c4fd4a1a6f12a3132ceaf&frcectupt=true



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