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Got the last 3900x!

Drove nearly 3 hours to Micro Center to purchase 4 processors to review (9600k, 9900k, 3600 and 3900x) on my channel. I plan on keeping the 3900x and the 3600 in a test system. I got there about 15 minutes before open. They had 10 3900x's and I was given a ticket for the last one. I guess I should play the lottery?

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I woke up as reviews were going out. Obsessed a bit. 


Was mildly disappointed with how it clocked. I was hoping that 4.6 would be the figure I would see, not 4.3GHz. 


Went back to sleep.


Similar to the Radeon VII but less sucky. 


I'll be ordering one when stock becomes available. 

R9 3900x; 64GB RAM | RTX 2080 | 1.5TB Optane P4800x

1TB ADATA XPG Pro 8200 SSD | 2TB Micron 1100 SSD
HD800 + SCHIIT VALI | Topre Realforce Keyboard

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