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How to split a single device WiFi pass for multiple devices to use at the same time?

Here’s my problem: I am going on a cruse and want to have internet for the people traveling with me. The problem is that the way the WiFi is priced is that when you purchase a pass you can only use it on ONE device at a time. If you want to use 2 devices at a time, you need to buy a second  ridiculously priced pass. So my idea is that I will buy a single high speed pass and connect it to something like a router (I really don’t know what I should look for) and then we will have a WiFi network that we can all use. My problem is that I don’t know what sort of device I should buy and how I should set it up. What I do know is the following:

  • It will probably have one of those web page sign in’s where you enter your room number and other information
  • No, I can’t use my cell phone hotspot
  • There are no Ethernet ports in the room. So the network in will need to be via WiFi 

Sorry if this is formatted poorly and thanks for your help.

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How ridiculous? Basically you need to use either a mobile phone, tablet, or pc, because otherwise you prob can't sign on

Cheaper just to pay for internet?


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5 minutes ago, keskparane said:

Cheaper just to pay for internet?

Internet is about 50+ dollars per device per day

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