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How good is this headset? (Sony MDR-XD150)

Hello, everyone.


Currently, I am confused. I dont know what to pick, here are my options.

  1. Sony MDR-XD150 + Trust GXT 232 Mantis (Mic)
  2. Cooler Master MH751


The MH751 is the same price as the combo.

The Sony headset looks really good, and reviews say its hella comfortable. I use my headset a lot and I dont want my ears to hurt.


How is the bass on the MDR-XD150? I (obviously) listen to music too.

Audio quality itself matters too. Any info? Does it have good highs and lows?


Thats pretty much everything now.

Thanks in advance!


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the mdr xd 150 isn't a bad headphone but it uses the sony house sound which isa punchy bass and lower mids. its not a bd headphone though but if i had a chice out of the 2 i would pick up  the cooler master mh 751 because it uses the takstar pro 82 as the base of he headset which is a superior headphone.  even for music. 

Feel free to send me a DM for further or general questions.

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