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PC Freezes at login screen


So I got a nasty issue. It started when I clicked the option to boot to safe mode with DDU because I wanted to get rid of some old AMD driver scraps that I guess I didn't fully delete. When I got back to the login screen - it just freezes and my keyboard and mouse turns off. Then when I hit the power button to turn it off - it shows that it is shutting down so it isn't frozen at that point but I have not successfully been able to get past the login screen.



Core i3-4130

Asus motherboard 


12gb ddr3 (8gb G.Skill Sniper, 4gb AMD ram)

Boot drive: PNY 128gb SSD

Win 10 

MOTHERBOARD: some Asus motherboard CPU: I3-4130 GPU: Gigabyte(?) GT-1030 RAM: 8GB G.SKILL SNIPER 1600MHZ RAM + 4GB AMD ram PSU: Corsair CX450 CASE: Corsair Spec-03 OS: Win 10 64 bit Keyboard: Logitech G510s Mouse: Corsair G300s Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5
I like outdoor warning sirens. Ask me anything about them.



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