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Is there a Samsung S6 compatible screen ?

Ok. So I bought a Samsung S6 with a broken display. It doesn't show anything. It there a way to plug a different display just to test it ? Or something like that ? 

I found a display on AliExpress for like 40-50 $ but I want to make sure it is ok before I buy it. 

Or maybe I can plug it in a tv or something ? I dont know.... Just saying. 

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you need to use a compatable display that is designed for the specific phone.  If you try and plug in a display that does not work with that phone, one it wont work and two u risk damaging that new display or even the phone it self

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There's no "compatible display" for phones, only use the one that is made for it.


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There is no other way to see if it boots up or something ?

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On 6/11/2019 at 10:12 PM, George_Bud said:

There is no other way to see if it boots up or something ?

I suppose you could maybe connect it to a PC and use ADB to query the phone - that should show if it's booted or not...

I will only ever answer to the best of my ability - there is absolutely no promises that I will be correct. Or helpful. At all.


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