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Program to Sift Through Photos

My phone (OnePlus 3t) has started to run out of space and when running ADirStat to visualise what's taking up so much space I found that it's mostly a bunch of photos and memes I've downloaded onto my phone. 


I've backed up my data but I want to keep some of the photos. Is there any program (preferably directly on Android) that can sift though photos in a folder and quickly delete or mark images to be deleted?


The issue I'm having is that it takes a lot of time to load the pictures, close the picture and then delete it as my phone is slowing down (possibly because it is full) and the stock software isn't the best to do it as it will occasionally jump around to the top of a file list instead of remembering where it was.

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If phone is slow, best option might be to backup all to Google Drive or some other cloud service and remove unwanted photos there. Then you already have backup made so you can reset phone without issues.

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