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Should I try an SSD cache?


I currently have a (not to impressive) gaming "rig".
As storage I have a 1 TB WD blue drive and an kingston ssd now v300 60 gb ssd.
I installed windows on my ssd with some other often used programs (google chrome), and 1 or 2 games. 
But more doesn't fit on there. 
Because I would like to get faster speeds in more games and aplications I was thinking about aan ssd cache configuration. 

But I have some questions:
Is there a risk in such a configuration? (thinking about RAID 0)

I also heard some thinks like special cache ssd, can it be done with my ssd?
Would it really help me with speed or do you advice to use the ssd as i do know?

Tanks for yout time and help :D


My computer±
Intel pentium g2020 2,9 ghz dualcore
ASROCK B75M-DGS Motherboard
Kingston HyperX blu Red series RAM 4gb single chanel

Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT 2gb

Corsair CX Series Moular CX430M 430Watt 80 plus bronze
WD blue 1 TB
Kingston ssd now v300 60gb. 

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ok for raid 0 you need two drives of equal size and the failure rate is very very very high. you can do a intel smart response ( ssd cache only way to raid 0 ) and you will benefit with the speed of an ssd but storage of a mechanical drive. 


 (keep in mind your motherboard might not to support this feature)

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And also please read the COC and avoid the embarrassment and lecture that will ensue.

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