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weird booting issues after update vbios

Hi all, specs:


i5 2500k

gigabyte z77-d3h latest bios

16gb ddr3 1333

asus hd7970 3gb dcuii / leadtex gtx770



monitor qnix qx2710led (DL-DVI only)


hd7970 stock, comes with legacy vbios. no problem at all but i have to CSM in mobo. no big deal.

decided to update the vbios with the latest one which supports UEFI gop. bios updated without issue. however...


qnix decided to color cycle from post all the way into windows (means it cannot handshake with whatever res UEFI use). i had to grab another monitor to reflash the old vbios. 
question is, is there anyone successfully using any DL-DVI monitor with the latest asus hd7970 bios? if not then i have to use the legacy vbios till this card die.


gtx770 does not produce this problem though.. 

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