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Loudspeaker not working

So my car (VW golf mk3) uses for the front channel two loudspeakers mounted in the dash and 2 normal ones in the doors. The way it works, the signal starts from the radio, go into the loudspeakers and from there go to the door speakers.


Back when I upgraded my speakers to a set of Boston S65 ones, I removed and bridged the wires for the loudspeakers without cutting off any connectors. That, due to the very low placement of the speakers (next to my leg), made the effect that you could hear only 1 of them - I can hear just the right one and the navigator just the left one.


Okay fair enough  - the loudspeakers went back in (yay for not cutting any connectors) but again  - I couldn't hear the left one (my side).

Okay easy fix  - just a 20+ year old part gave up.

- Tried another original one that I know it works  - nothing

- Got a set of some newer ones and soldered one to similar connector  - nothing again.


Just tried the 9V battery test on those newer ones and they both worked so is there anything I'm doing something wrong here or just going crazy?

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