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When will Rocket League hit the epic store?

Guys, I am curious to know when will Rocket league hit the epic store? I know most of you guys are super against this motion, but as long as Rocket league is growing as a mainstream Esports title I am happy with their decisions. Will Rocket League becomes free to play if they hit the epic store as epic takes a much lower cut than Steam? In my opinion, epic must make a better UI for their epic store cause the current one is simply trash.

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The only concrete information we have is "late 2019"

We don't know if it will go free to play, but my stance on assumptions would be to expect "no".

Opinions vary, I won't support Epic's endeavor to try and cut into the market by doing exclusive deals, I regularly hear less-than-positive things about Epic's platform, but I have no firsthand experience myself. It remains to be seen if Epic's launcher and storefront turns out to be a dying fad. they've admitted openly that their current business model is unsustainable. Exclusivity and (sometimes) lower prices are the only things bringing people to the store at the moment. I won't support exclusivity, and once the business model becomes completely unsustainable, there's going to be less incentive for better consumer-end prices and/or exclusivity deals, what's left at that point is going to determine Epic's success.

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I don't expect free-to-play. The game is already rather low priced, and AFAIK all game modes are free already. Only car/skin DLCs are a thing. Epic buying dev studio and them taking smaller cut are widely different. If Epic buys studio, they take all revenue (or 51% etc. depending on what terms were). Them taking lower cut means that it would be beneficial to other studios to launch titles on Epic store. I don't think this will change much (look at how little non-EA games are in Origin store or Uplay).

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