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a better partition tool for multi boot drives?

I am trying to find a single partition tool (paid isnt an issue) that can handle setting primary, active, boot, and can properly modify extended partitions. I have a quad boot setup: (xp, win7, win10, cublinux). I have some hardware that requires the older OSes for their software and i am trying to get rid of some older failing pcs and put everything on one pc. if win10 isnt on the drive, xp will boot. if all installs are on the drive, if i use grub2: win7, win10, and linux will boot. if i use win10 bootloader, all technically boot, but xp halts at the splash screen. standalone sector by sector cloning to facilitate the trial and error of this process has wrapped the extended partition (that started around linux) around all partitions except the xp partition. gparted cannot handle the primary and active parts. other tools either cannot handle linux partitions or cannot see the extended partition at all. some tools wildly misinterpret extended partition. I cannot run chkdsk /r on the xp partition as the pc i am moving to has a sata controller that causes the drive not to be found by the cd. I am working in a MBR platform. I am not asking for debugging on the quad boot setup, but i am hoping to be directed to a better gui partition tool. I know what the end-result layout needs to be, but have no means to get there.

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