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Need Help with Iomega Home Media Network Drive and software.

So, I recently bought a very cheap home media drive, or whatever they are called. Simply a media center solution that you can set up to be a cloud. I got it for like 30 bucks, and it has a 1 TB drive in it. I figured that even if I didn't get the thing to work or w/e, I still had a 1 TB HDD to loot from it.


I can't however find the software for this thing. I have no idea if I am just being stupid, or if they simply does not exist for Windows 8. I don't have an optical drive in my PC, and even if I had, the included CD only comes with software supported up to windows XP or something.


The product itself is from Iomega, which appears to be bought up by lenovo. I can not find the product itself over at http://shop.lenovo.com/ . It's like they just wiped all previous product off the site. I just can't find the damn software to set this thing up... any help would be appreciated.


Product name: Iomega Home Media Network Drive 1TB "Cloud Edition", Model: HMND2. Closest I got to finding the drivers/software is here .




Ugh, never mind, it's here, Ignore this post, lol.

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