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my wan show (broSoft) hoodie has gone onto life support.. I want a new hoodie to replace it, but the merch store has none of any kind as far as I can tell.. 


I would like a TechLinked hoodie that is just like the current T-Shirt, and a re-stock of the broSoft hoodie would be pretty sweet too. .. also, after you decide on a floatplane design, one of those in hoodie form would be sweet too... 


not that it matters... but...  my main use for hoodies are morning jogs with the dogs, and evening bon fires @ the beach





also, another quick note.. pull over hoodies are preferred over zip up hoodies (for me)

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Hey Guys...For some reason when ever I tune in to youtube ltt store.. I always get Dennis, showing off the Wan Zippered hoodies...Loved to have.....just one...

Love the Live Formats..Great job thanks.

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