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Do any build your own laptop providers still exist?

I need a good case with oodles of ports; cat 6, hdmi, lots of usb - for work equipment... but don't need the most powerful or expensive internals, I can bump up my own ram and nvme.... essentially an easy custom build if i didnt need it in laptop format... what are my options? 
i5, 1050, swappable ram and nvme slots, cat6 & hdmi, 95wh bat, - under 1500$

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Check out Sager, or Eluktronics

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not that level of customization but more than others

also cat 6 is not a port but a cable

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1 hour ago, Snipergod87 said:

also cat 6 is not a port but a cable

all that ancient tech just blends together man. 

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8 hours ago, a9249 said:

under 1500$

Where are you from? Usage? Prefer min how many hours of battery life? Any preference on weight?

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1. how much battery life you want, it's important, because 1080 or above will drain your battery, fast, faster than a running hyeena

2. sli or not, some barebones offers 2 gpu slots

3. How big is it, any laptop with 1080 mxm will be heavy

4. DIY Water cooling system is possible in bigger laptop but it will thickens the laptop into extreme degree, go ask nbr members for the concepts.


If you want a cheap barebones you could buy an Alienware m17x r4 and shove a gtx 1080 zotac in it,  probably cost likely less than 1200usd including the i7 3920xm upgrades, assuming you got a broken m17x r4 ones with broken gpus or something with less than 200usd, you might get this set up with less than 1k usd.

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