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Overwatch League Favorite teams?

So I'm kinda curious what other peoples OWL teams are as most people i know don't really care. I personally root for the san fran shock because I'm a lucio main and after seeing moth play for the US in the world cup and decided I was just going to pick whatever OWL team he was on. i also jumped on the atlanta band wagon as my 2nd team after i saw them play their first game.

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Houston Outlaws. I like the OpTic gaming organization so, it transferred to OW

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New York Excelsior and Seoul Dynasty, I'm engaged to the rich history both teams have had.


Seoul Dynasty, because they used be known as Lunatic-Hai back in the days of Apex, famous for their 4-3 reverse sweep against the now-Vancouver Titans, formerly Runaway in Apex Korea league.

My favorite player on the Dynasty is ryujehong because of his stellar Ana and Zenyatta play, he's an elite at healing and dealing damage.


New York Excelsior for similar reasons as above, they also used to play in the Apex Korea league as LW Blue, they were an average mid-league team back in Apex Korea.

I admired how much they've improved since becoming the New York Excelsior, and in particular JJoNaK who is a masterful Zenyatta.

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I follow Finnish players so Gladiators is the one. Though I will watch some other games too, like Outlaws (LiNkzr) and Uprising (rCk, who I liked with Fuel first).

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Was a huge EnVy/Dallas fan, but now that they've dropped all of their OG roster (Some for good reasons), I've started following Toronto more actively.

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I agree with @sowon with Seoul dynasty

plus the league skin looks great on d.va

also hanzo spark

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