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I am looking for a freeware home software or programme (I do have a server I use for email in the house so some form of browser-based centrally located solution would be cool) which will monitor my outgoing and incoming email and automatically sort them into folders or portfolios for the relevant contacts and also give me a place to attach letters written in word that I send by snail mail.


A bit like a company would use for dealing with its customers for tech support. I.e. a profile for each person and a section with emails and responses to add notations and also upload files so there is easy access to all the correspondence for each person, email, letters etc - but obviously for the home user. However, the caveat here is that I'd like it to sort the tens of thousands of emails and letters I already have automagically with the ability to back everything up. 




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You can use eM Client as email client instead of webmail. Then, when you add any customer to your contact list (may be synced with google contacts), you can easily (one click) see communication history for that contact.


Notice that we have computers and we no longer use file binders. What you can do is using computer wrong way. You don't must divide your database to thousand of sections, persons etc. It's not optimal solution for computers, it's optimal solution for old guys who still thinking analog way. :) In computers you have instant search, grouping, sorting etc. so you don't need to keep everything in order. You may have one inbox and one outbox and still have possibility to sort everything whatever you like in second, which was not possible in old days when you had to plan everything in advance.


BTW. This forum, like most of them, is organized old way - thousand of sections, subsections etc. It seems to be very clean, but in fact if someone want to keep track of all new posts, no matter what section someone write them, he must use "unread content" special function. Tags and filters would be a better method imo, but people still need old style order.

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