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looking for new case for my server


Hello everyone!

I am currently looking to do quite a few upgrades to my server. Current specs:

OS: Windows 10

Case: Corsair 500R 

CPU: 3770k

Mobo: Asrock Z77 extreme4

GPU: quadro p2000

PSU: Seasonic S12II 430W 80+ bronze psu

Storage Drives:

256GB Samsung 840 evo SSD (os drive)

8TB WD Red (TV Shows)

4TB WD Red (Music)

8TB WD Elements (still in usb external enclosure) (Movies)
4TB WD Green (on its way out) (general purpose storage)

1TB WD Black (sort of a secondary cache)

1TB WD Blue SSD (main cache for downloads


CD Drives:

1x Blu Ray 5.25" internal drive

4x DVD 5.25" internal drive



Sata3 PCIE adapter (4x sata ports)


I use the server mainly for Plex and ripping my movie/cd collection. I have everything backed up to a gsuite account.


Planned Upgrades:
The Corsair 500R is at its limits right now with the amount of hard drives and disc drives. So i am looking for a case that can hold a lot more. Here is the more i am looking to add:


- 4x 8TB WD Red drives in raid 10

- upgrade to x99 platform

- upgrade PSU to something much more efficient/higher quality

- new case to hold all the new hardware and old (not including old mobo/cpu/ram/psu)

- Windows 10 Pro


So far the cases with large number of 5.25" and 3.5" bays are quite hard to find. The form factor really doesn't matter to me, but i would like to stray away from the cheap gamery full tower cases. I'll even take a server style 1/2/4U case.


Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for a case that can accommodate all this hardware. Thanks!


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There's a 4U chassis I bought for a recent project. The iStarUSA D-410. It's main takeaway is 10 5.25" front bays which you could put 5.25" to 3.5" caddies in like these for example. The benefit is the modularity so if you need more drives you can pop in another drive cage if you need more cd burners you can pop those in and/or remove a drive cage/other device.


Fair warning though my experience with the chassis so far is that it's built quite cheaply. It flexes a lot if loaded with heavy equipment and rested on an uneven surface.

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