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frame-time spikes. micro stuttering and noticeable stuttering

Islam Ghunym

I don't know if I am putting this in the right category, but I did not find better one to post in since I believe my issue is a software matter.

anyway I have core I3-8100, 8 gigs of CL10 2400 MHz DDR4 single channel memory and GTX 1060 along with 144 Hz FreeSync monitor, SATA III SSD for OS (Windows 10 x64) and 2 T.B HDD

I Play hardcore FPS competitive games like Counter-Strike and other hardcore Co-op VS severe AI like PAYDAY: The Heist and so on.

while frame time spikes may not be noticeable for regular gamer, it will be annoying for hardcore gamer and may mean ez defeat in some situations while fast and accurate response is required.

PAYDAY: The Heist game is pretty old game that does not require modern harrdware to be playable  since it is caped to 130 FPS and any GPU like GTX 560 along with dual core 2.33 GHz CPU can run it with 130 FPS  minimum, but I have a modern CPU: I3-8100 which has beaten the I5-7400 with slightly better improvement in gaming FPS along with GTX 1060 which can run any new game with more than 100 FPS on 1080p if I excluded some textures options that I don't care about such as all types of anti-aliasing, shadow and lightening quality, depth of the field, anti-motion blur while keeping level of details, FOV, viewing distance in highest option and some other things that I care about.

I just want to know why my PC stutters in such an old hardcore games, what makes the frametime to jump randomly up for few milliseconds making a micro stutter and in some rare cases it take longer period to a very obvious stutter.

I already have the latest driver of nvidia GPU, but I tried old drivers, uninstallign some programs like afterburner, HWiNFO, Intel XTU that I sue to under volt the CPU sometimes for better power value, tried to give all my hardwares the maximum performance option in UEFI, tried to get RAM timing back to stock, CPU voltage back to stock, used some stressing tests for almost everything. reinstalled sound driver, BUT IT JUST WON'T WORK, so I reformatted the whole system after i made abackup to my data then reinstalled steam without any other application and that really worked, so I started to install my applications again while testing games if they will stutter or not and they did not so I was happy with that, but not for long time because after a period of time games started to stutter again and I did not know if that because of bad windows 10 updates that is ruining my gaming experience or because of my applications which even if i uninstall, it won't help, it is weird issue for me, pls help!!!!!

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