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So I tried to google around a little after watching Linus 30dollar Test Bench. I even tried to order from Taobao, but they dont seem to send it to Norway, based on what I understood of Google translates translation. I got kind of annoyed since I didnt want to spend 30+ dollars on what litteraly is a a piece of accrylic with a few screws from Aliexpress... 


I decided then that I will take on this project of building my own Test Bench. I started last night trying to take my old PC case (Corsair Carbide 270R) apart and see how I can do this.


 Thanks to Luke's video of when him doing the same thing, for the tip of using a drill to remove rivots. I used 2h last night trying to remove by hand which eneded up giving me some water blisters in my hand..


So far this is where I'm at. I'll post the final result when I get there :)




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