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Can't convert MBR disk into GPT



I want to convert my 970 evo from MBR to GPT, with clean installation of windows


Here are pictures and text under them to show what I did, and don't know what to do to get it to GPT, if someone knows please help





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Won't make any difference what so ever, you do not have a drive larger than 2TB so it is pointless having a GPT partition.

Just because MBR is older, does not make it worse.  However if you really care about changing it which I personally wouldn't, you will need to make sure your boot configuration is set to UEFI and not legacy mode.  Booting in legacy mode will not allow the Windows UEFI boot loader to function correctly.


It will make absolutely ZERO difference to your system, there is absolutely no point in changing it.

Please quote or tag me if you need a reply

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Boot to windows and run mbr2gpt /convert /allowfullos


Should make it into a UEFI install. I've used it countless times.

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thanks for your reply Falconevo


I did this https://www.disk-partition.com/windows-10/mbr2gpt-conversion-failed-3889.html


and now it works fine, at first it didn't let me shut down pc, it was just looping restart, so I did what you said, converted from Legacy to UEFI bios by disabling CSM, and now it is working fine


I know that I get nothing by converting MBR to GPT..but main reason I did this is my boot time was over 20 seconds, i tweaked all..I mean all I found on internet, startup programs disabled, everything and can't go below 20. I read somewhere that people told to convert to GPT and disable CSM


thats what I did, now boot time is 10 seconds, I am happy I succeded in this, I know 10 seconds doesn't make any difference, but now I am just more satisfied if you can understand :D


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iamdarkyoshi, yep, did that and important thing convert legacy bios to UEFI

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