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Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

The Pilops "Storage Processor" seems like a good video candidate, it is a step-in ASIC for accelerating storage workloads. They have started sampling to certain customers, check out https://pliops.com.

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When are we going to get a uncut version of this?

Perhaps you guys should upload it and make it a floatplane exclusive I would totally sign up for Floatplane just to watch it.


@BlueScope819 so I can see your post


My name is Legion 'Murica Parrot Gang, for we are many.

If a design is taking too long, the design is wrong, and therefore, the design must be modified to accelerate progress. -Elon

Mentioned in 8/5/2020 TechLinked

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10 minutes ago, BlueScope819 said:


Merged to the video suggestion thread ;)

If you need help with your forum account, please use the Forum Support form !


VPN server guide

Introduction to Mechanical Keyboard


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On 3/21/2019 at 2:46 AM, CPotter said:

Hit us with your best Linus Tech Tips video suggestions! This is to replace our old "What should we review next" thread. Linus or one of the writers will read these suggestions, but they may not reply to you in this thread directly.


Linus Tech Tips

Hey, can you please explain what is the difference between normal intel processor and intel vpro series. And what are the advantages of this chipset and where it can be used the most. I searched around the internet for a informative video that can explain all the complex stuff that intel talked in their article but couldn't find anything that can explain why and where for the chipset. And the laptop with intel i7 vpro 8th gen cost alot more than a normal i7 9th gen cpu. If you can make a video on this that will be really helpful. 

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I emailed this and got sent here so ill just copy and paste it:


Hello, Recently I watched your video ( https://youtu.be/y2F0wjoKEhg ) Which Revolved around Server Backups and storage solutions.
Well, to put it bluntly, I came up with a better and cheaper solution which is supplied by Google.
There is a service by Google Named "Google One" And it seems to be a way to upgrade google drive storage.
Their Highest Consumer amount is Two Terabytes (per user) and only costs 7.99 Per Month(per user).
It would be amazing if you could make a video on this to test if it works.
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Could you please do a video on a media server called Jellyfin (A great alternative to Plex) It is featureful and fully free and open source, I have personally switched to it from Plex and I greatly prefer it.

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I was talking to some random Indian guy on Omegle and he brought up the horrible computer costs in India. It would be interesting to see a video dive into how bad it is and maybe even why prices are so high.

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Yes I live in the states but I was wondering if you can do a video of water cooling a TV box/cable box. More specifically the Dish Hopper 3 or anyone because those things get freekin hot and they are as loud as a server sometimes with the dainty little fans inside. I looked throughout all of YouTube and no one has documented such thing on this concept. I hope someone will do such a thing. I think it'll be fun and a major performance boost. Also further mentioning it would very awesome if you ripped out the hdd and replaced it with a ssd because those things are slow. If no one gets around to doing this I personally respect that because business is business and you don't have time for every suggestion.






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Hi there!

Found this crazy thing on AliExpress: 


it’s presumably a custom PlayStation 2 which is portable! Crazy thing is just too expensive for me to try it out  :(


hope you’ll make your hands on this thing !!

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I keep seeing ads for this on facebook.  It's clearly a scam because..well.. if this technology existed like this, there'd be something called GoogleSkin or iSkin.....but I'm dead curious what they're actually shipping (if indeed they're shipping at all).

It can be bought with paypal, so I'm tempted to risk the $25 to see...but then thought... hey, LTT/Short Circuit needs ideas, and they can surely get more that $25 of content out of this....







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That was already debunked many years ago including such test purchases, people typically got a cheapo fitness watch. 



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Dell XPS 2 in 1 2019, 32GB, 1TB, 4K


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We've had "can you notice" type videos already to compare SSDs and fps. What about ram speed? Motivation for this is most performance build aim for 3600 as the sweet spot on a Zen 2 system. Can you feel it in a blind test vs the CPU rated 3200 speed? Or pair it with that 2133 ram you got 5+ years ago? At the other extreme, get some bonkers >>4000 kit. Does it really buy you tangible performance?

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Linus mr tech wizard can you do a review on this item please?


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a suggestion for a video make a custom backplate for a GPU with an imbeded LED screen that can be tailered to display CPU speeds/temp GPU info fan speeds or just animation or logos similer to the side pannel that was created some time ago (after looking at PC's for some time iv observed the backplate is ususay in a prominant location within the case) most users will look down at there pc and never actualy see the front of the GPU only the top edge and backplate. i have looked online for anything like this and found only transparant plactic backplates with RGB around the edge or just a printed surface hope this is of some use to you

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On 7/27/2020 at 6:26 PM, Wildarms7k said:

Hello LTT,

I emailed you guys but got told to put this here. I've been watching your videos for a few years now, and have been building PCs for even longer. Back in 2005, I built a crazy machine that had a case with an Air Conditioner built in to it. I have not been able to find/see anyone even TALK about this case today, or why it was a good idea/bad idea, and they do not make these types of cases anymore from what I can see. I would love a video that does a semi-deep dive into this technology, and fun anecdotes about what you might remember from this case from 15 years ago. The case I'm talking about specifically is the: Masscool CS-ICS8200. I bought that from Newegg in 2005 for a COOL $299.99USD. Unfortunately, I don't have the case anymore as the cooling unit inside failed after a few years and was scraped between moves, and I'm sure tracking one down will be hard as I can only find it for sale from some website that doesn't even look active anymore. 

Anyways! Just thought this could be a fun idea, I'm sure you get a ton of stupid requests like this all the time, but I just thought of it while watching one of your older videos where you had that AC unit that was turned into a CPU Cooler.

Whoaaaa, take my video suggestion and turn it into a bounty hunt and say a staff writer found the case? I see how it is.

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Hi there guys!


My name is Daniel and I am a big fan of all the content Linus creates. I love to watch their videos and they have helped me SO much throughout the past that I wanted to give back to you a little.


I just found after days of research one of the most incredible monitors out there. I am talking about the Monoprice CrystalPro 27 inch 4K DisplayHDR 400 monitor with pivot, height, and other great features and adjustments.


I was amazed to see that it was everything I needed for under $400! ($399.99 in Amazon US and $359.99 on the Monoprice site)


I will send the link so you can check it out and I would love to hear what you think.


Is this a good monitor? Is it worth it? Is Monoprice a good monitor brand?


Maybe Linus could even make a video :D Something like "Best 2020 4K Monitor Under $400" or something like that.


I hope you and they get to read this and know how much I love their content and would love to hear what you think about this monitor.


Thank you so much and take care!

Daniel B. 


P.S. Here's the links:

- US Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.mx/Monoprice-Inch-Crystalpro-IPS-Monitor/dp/B07PGJVH21/ref=sr_1_1?
- Monoprice Site: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=37923

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Hi To All 

I am requesting to have some videos for "PC Build for Coders". 

here I have some suggestions. 


The main idea to have some guidence for average developers (web or mobile app or backend, not game devs or Data science) on choosing best hardware for money. 

Thanks in advance 

& thanks "Spottyto point me to post here. 

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Maybe if Linus and their staff looked over all of the ~pi items, e.g. raspberry pi, banana pi, orange pi, etc.

I've always wanted to see SOMEONE look over them all at once. Thanks {:


WillNelson (CATboardBETA)

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I have been following LTT for years now, i have seen all your refrigerated cooling setups, and while i was watching the video about which is better, aio, or air coolers i came up with an idea.


Instead of "ultra cooling" a cpu and seeing what can be done before it sweats all over the mobo, use water cooling rads to drop the ambeint temps of the case itself and see what performance could come from it

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so everyone knows the meme all fan pc 

what if noctua and LLT worked together and made this meme alive ?

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The Garmin Montana 700/700i/750i is a new product from Garmin. It is a handheld GPS with a lot of other features. The base price is $599.99 for the 700 series. The i is for inreach, inreach is a subscription service that allows you to send messages using sattalites. It also allows you to trigger an SOS. Keep in mind none of this requires cell service. It is also compatible with Garmin Connect, a cell phone app, with Garmin connect you are able to sync weather to your device and more. Weather includes radar and the forecast for where you are at. It also live geocaching. I think this is worth a look and a review.


Links: Montana: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/633697/pn/010-02133-00

Inreach: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/inreach/personal/#subscriptions


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