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MSI Nightblade 3 Intel Optane Support




I bought a Nightblade 3 for my kids (11-12y) to play games, in it is a seagate barracuda compute 5Tb drive, I thought plenty of room for games but a little slow, though on the MSI website of the Nightblade it said to support Intel Optane, so I bought a 32gb optane memory m.2 card.

Trouble is I can't get it to work, I don't get the optane option in the bios. (Its a i7 7700 and B250 chipset)

when I asked MSI support center they say the Nightblade 3 doesn't support optane?? 

They even removed this at the website.... (Look at the attached file, that's before the removed this info)


The mainboard of the Nightblade is a MSI B250I Gaming Pro Carbon AC (but not exactly the same layout), can I flash the Bios from this mainboard for the Optane support? 


Excuse any language faults, my native language is dutch.






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