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Kingston Fury DDR4 timings for overclocking (3400mhz)

Hey, im overclocking my ddr4 rams and im now on point, that i dont know how to tighten my rams even more. my system is ryzen 1400 (oc 3.8ghz) with asus b450 motherboard and fury 2400mhz rams that have micron b-die chips. i have used dram calculator to make my ram settings but there is only "safe" option avaible for my memories, so i dont know what to do now. so, memories are now running at 3400mhz with 16-17-17-17-34 timings and voltages are 3.5v and soc 1.15v.  here is also picture of my timings so someone who understands about these could tell me how to optimize my ram to work with ryzens. i have tried that 16-16-17-17 does not boot. i think my memories runs quite well?



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