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My PC reboots 5 sec after it turns off


Im currently building a new computer and I've got the GTX 1080TI to my new pc, so I just put the new graphics card in my old PC.

But since I've done that my computer starts again 3-5 sec after I've turned it off.

I've read online that it maybe because of my power supply but i don't know.

I dont know if its my specs so here's a list




Antec "Something" 850w

HyperX Fury 8GB DDR3-Ram

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I had a similar issue, except for me, what you're describing would happen after the computer hibernates or enters sleep mode.


I fixed it by switching off the power supply (if your PSU doesn't have a switch then I guess you could unplug it) and, by doing so you prevent the PC from starting again


Essentially what I did is:

- Hibernate PC (In your case, shut down)

- Wait for PC to turn off

- Flick PSU switch after it turns off.


It sounds like you've got a few seconds to do this.  I know it's a temporary fix and probably going to be a little inconvenient.

I used to do it all the time, but sometimes I'm in a hurry and I don't have time to hang around waiting for Windows to hibernate.  On those occasions I'd come back and it'd still be off.

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