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Searching for a wall mount. Need your help!


"A wall mount? They are everywhere!"


No, they are not. I have some special needs and I dont find a suitable solution for this...


I have a height adjustable table with a 32" monitor on it. Now I want to mount this thing to the wall behind it. This mount should also be adjustable. Preferable also sideways.


I dont like those monitor arms. I am looking for something that is mounted flat to the wall and is adjustable through some kind of rails.

I was thinking of building something on my own, but I dont know where to start. I am not an engineer. :(


Does someone have any idea?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi !


What you're looking for is an adjustable vesa mount.


I don't know what keywords you've been using for your search, but using those may lead you to what you're looking for :)



Good luck !


Just another engineer posting useful hardware videos directly to the interconnected network (AKA the internet)

Tech enthusiast. Check my channel out here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6FU1nfeGBBnw_bvHgWCqTQ

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