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PC freeze with buzzing noise


It was fine for the last few weeks, PC used to have common freezes but fixed that, was playing some games, browsed the internet like normal, then PC just freeze, then a buzzing sound just started playing out speakers, everything froze, No BSOD. This was the first time it has happened after a Window Update I did last night before going to sleep and shutting down pc. I went to event viewer, When I hard restarted pc, Kernel-41 Power showed up and another Error was above it 4secs after shutting it down, It was Event 1011, Event log and it said 'Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0'


GPU 1060

I5 6600K




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In my experience, when audio is involved in the crashing like this, it has to do with the GPU. Did your GPU drivers recently update?

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