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Redmi 3 Pro with LineageOS 17.1 does not wake up


The LineageOS installation works fine on my Redmi 3 Pro. And the only problem is that the CPU does not wake up from the low-power state: the frequency is still low, and only one processor core is active.

Did anyone have the same problem and have ideas on how to fix it?

PC Specs - AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - Asrock AB350 ITX - 64GB DDR4-3600MHz - Geforce GTX 1080 - Samsung 960Pro - Monsterlabo's "The First" - Corsair SF450

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This is not a very big issue. Instead of tweaking around Kernel Auditor, I would recommend you to try flashing a custom Kernel to see if it works. Please do this and tell me ! I'm so much into redmi phones and custom roms :D

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