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Samsung 860 EVO SSD Not detected in disk management

Hello! I recently bought a 500gb Samsung 860 evo SSD and This is my 2nd SSD on my pc, My main and windows driver is a 250gb M.2 SSD, My second driver for files is a 2 terabyte wd red and a kingston 120gb ssd. 

I have all them setup etc., I connected my SSD with the Sata and power cable, 650 watt psu, GTX 1070,I7 7600k,16gb 3200mhz ddr4 ram, corsair h110i v2 & msi carbon pro gaming mobo. 

I cant seem to find the SSD in the disk management and i tried to switch cables with the SSDs and i couldnt still find the ssd in the disk management. Help is appreaciated!

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