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Moving boot manager to another drive.

I need some help with moving the windows boot manager partition from my old SSD to my new C drive. Long story short I bought an m.2 SSD and installed Windows on it but didn't delete anything from my old SSD. Whenever I boot, I'm required to go into the bios, select the old SSD as the boot drive, and then when windows boots, I have to select the windows install on the new m.2 drive.


Is there an easy way for me to move my boot manager from my old SSD to the m.2? Or should I format both drives and reinstall windows on the m.2 and essentially start from scratch?


Note - The first pic is of the boot menu. As you can see, the WBM is on my old SSD. The second pic is of the screen I get when I choose the Windows Boot Manager partition in the BIOS. The Windows installation on Volume 2 is the one on my m.2




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I think the easiest way is to format both drives and do a clean install.

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45 minutes ago, Nuck_Chorris said:

Bummer. Thanks for the insight.

Yeah the boot manager is annoying and moving installs to different drives is a pain and only some software does it properly.

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Format both drives so they are both clean, and re-install Windows.


It is a difficult process to manually transfer the BM to another drive.

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Why you just don't try easy way - unplug all drives except this m.2 one, plug USB windows installation and fix boot? :) Windows can fix that problem with missing boot partition (sometimes) in seconds.


Anyway, OP asks about moving boot manager. It's interesting subject, so why he must skip trying and start over with clean install? Help him or not if you don't know how to do that guys.


BTW. There are few interesting tutorials about creating boot partition by command line of bootable windows usb, also there are partition managers that can shrink partitions so you'll have enough space for that operation (MiniTool Partition Wizard is great). Everything is possible.

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