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Thunderbolt on a budget

tal cohen

Hey guys,
I want to connect a desktop GPU to my laptop, my laptop has an Thunderbolt 3 port but all the devices that support this port cost a fortune and I have a small budget so it's out of the question,
I have a suitable PSU and I can easily build a rig for the GPU and PSU, 
my question is whether there is any cheap way to assemble a PCIE extension through Thunderbolt 3 without riping my pocket?
Or alternatively if I connect the GPU via USB 3.0 same as this (Link) product (just without the pcie mini) it will work?

By the way, I know about the possibility of opening the computer and connecting the card to the small PCIe port,

but it involves product warranty cancellation and drilling a hole in the computer and I do not want to do so.


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