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Please Help What is wrong with my PC?

System specs


Intel Core i7 7700k

Corsair H100i v2 water cooler

Geforce RTX 2080

Seasonic X650 PSU


I turned on my PC today and all off a sudden the water cooler radiator fans spun up to maximum and CPU temp reached 100 degrees. Just an hour ago it was working fine. I turned it off and when I turned it back on an hour later this happened. In Corsair Link software the pump is showing 0 RPM but I have never used this software before so I don’t know what it used to show before. All wires are secure as I didn’t even touch the internals. Is my motherboard dead or what fault is it? Thanks in advance for helping. 

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If the pump is showing as 0 RPM then that's likely your issue. No coolant flow = it's not gonna do anything so the heat will just sit in the block and you get overheating, throttling, then shutdown. Main problem with AIOs is they have a lot more failure points than air coolers and break more often than custom liquid cooling stuff, which is much beefier. 

X58-X79-X99-X299 lads: Intel HEDT Xeon/i7 Megathread 


Current Main - i7 6950X (currently stock) - EVGA CLC 280 - EVGA X99 Micro 2 - 32 GB RAM [4x8GB HyperX Predator DDR4] @3200Mhz CL16-18-18-36 CR2 - Nvidia FE 2060 Super - 1TB 970 Evo - Corsair RM1000i - Fractal Design Meshify C Mini - 4x Noctua iPPC NF-A14 3000s + 1 Noctua iPPC NF-F12 2000

Bits - i7 5960X - undecided - EVGA X99 Classified - 16 GB RAM [4x4GB EVGA SSC DDR4] - undecided - 250GB 960 Evo - undecided - Corsair 750D


Mac Pro 1,1 - (EFI flashed to 2,1) - 2x 2.66Ghz Dual Core LGA771 Xeons (2x X5355s - just need the motivation/time to actually install them) - 32GB 667Mhz ECC DDR2 - ATI HD4870 512MB - 525GB MX300 + 3x 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDDs - 24" Apple Cinema Display (1920x1200 TFT panel)


2019 13" rMBP (i5/8GB/256GB) {work} - 2012 13" MBP (i5/16GB/1TB MX500 + 2TB Firecuda) {mine} - iPhone 11 Pro Max + Apple Watch S3 42mm - iPod Classic 6G 80GB running Rockbox + iPod Classic 5.5G Enhanced 30GB also on Rockbox 

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Replaced the cooler and everything is back to normal. Thanks for your help :)

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