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Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 USB ports working "intermittently"?

For a while now the USB ports on my motherboard randomly stop working for a split second, and its bugging me alot, especially while gaming.
I know its not the devices USB itself failing because multiple devices are having problems; my microphone and my mouse are the most obvious ones, since I use them alot. I have not noticed it yet with my keyboard or webcam.
Is there a way to confirm thats its the motherboard without having to use another computer for a long time hoping to replicate the same problems?
Anyway, I tried to see if the sockets fit well, and I noticed that its kind of unstable; it moves alot with the slightest movement from the male connector, its very "flexible".
Anyone had any problems with this mobo? Is it me? Any way to fix this?

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