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OBS Settings For Ryzen 2400G


I've been trying to record with the Ryzen 2400G for Rainbow Six Siege while benchmarking I am getting an average of 40fps at 1280x720p, as I'm recording at 12x720p. The problem is that I am getting skipped frames so I am wondering if their is a solution to this problem. I tried switching from stream labs obs to regular obs but nothing happened. I tried setting the encoder preset to ultra fast, but I still got skipped frames. So right now I do not know what to do. Here are my specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nkTKmq


I have overclocked the cpu to 3.9Ghz and I am getting about a 750 on cinebench R15

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Short answer: you aren't recording Siege with stock OBS at 720p.

Long answer: FFmpeg just might save your ass if you put some effort into it.


This is what I do for 1920x1440p60 capturing but you can adjust what you need to for 720p capturing because this is, frankly, overkill.

Check out my guide on how to scan cover art here!

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