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CSGO Crashing On Launch After Watching Demo

I am hoping you can help me, I've been at a loss for 5 days now. I've been playing csgo for a very long time, this isn't the first time i've ran into problems. I've always been able to fix them, but this time I am at a loss for words. I have been running csgo on this machine for some time now. Last Friday my pc crashed while playing & recording a gotv demo file. Ever since my pc crashes on counter-strike launch, I get a different blue screen error code everytime. I have taken multiple steps and read countless forum topics on this same issue. Today I wiped my SSDs and completely reinstalled windows with no luck. I just want to play CSGO again. Heat isn't an issue, all my temps are under 50 degrees celcius. Any other Steam game I open is playable on max settings with no issues. Including any other pc game platform Origin, Blizzard, Xbox App.  I am a video editor and use HLAE to record sometimes, I've used HLAE on multiple PCs in the past and it has never corrupted anything for me before.  Could HLAE have done something funny here?  This is a fresh PC build and it ran CSGO, along with any other game like a champ for the 2 weeks.  Still plays any other title seamlessly! It's literally only CSGO!  Help me fellow bangers!

Steps I have taken:
- Updated all display, graphic, windows, and bios drivers.
- Verified game files
- Restored any config files and custom settings
- Deleted CSGO and reinstalled several times on multiple SSDs
- Deleted Steam and reinstalled several times
- Ran CSGO as admin and tried multiple compatiblity modes
- Launched in -windowed, -safe, and -autoconfig modes
- Disabled any recording software
- Disabled any 3rd party software (Synapse, CUE, CAM)
- Installed CSGO on multiple SSD's
- Disabled any SLI config
- Disabled 2nd monitor
- Completely wiped both SSD's and Reinstalled windows.

PC Spec
Mobo: Asus TUF Mark 2 X299
CPU: i9-7920x @4.4
GPU: 2x GTX 1070 in SLI
32GB Gskill 3000MHZ, 970 PRO M.2, 860 EVO 1TB


Also: Every time it crashes the PC on game load it removes the game from the Steam library. I then have to find the game location and it goes through the reinstall process from the beginning.  When contacted Steam I was told to contact Microsoft as it's probably a hardware issue.

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If anyone has any advice at this point it would be greatly appreciated.  I'm going on a week of no CSGO :/ -Lefty

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