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GPU Rather Loud

I have an EVGA 1080Ti SC2, and when I play games, my Temps go up to about 72C, which causes my fans to go up to about 70%. I know I could adjust the fan curve, but even if I go to about 50% it's still decently loud. Is this normal for this card?

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My EVGA GTX 1080 SC2 ACX 3 doesn't get annoyingly loud until about 80%+ and I have the computer on the desk next to me. But I also have a tempered glass side panel so most of the noise is directed towards the back.


"Loud" is pretty subjective and getting an accurate objective reading to compare against other websites may be difficult.

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I have the Meshify C, so I'm guessing more noise gets out than for other people. And yeah, I knew it would be pretty subjective here. But I couldn't really describe how loud it was. My TV is right next to it, and i need to have it past 20 before I really don't notice it anymore. And yes, TV volumes also vary, but it's the closest thing I've got.

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