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Acer Aspire ES1-533 weirdly freezes


Hi everyone,

so I stumbled upon something I had never seen before. My mother's laptop has recently been showing some strange behaviour.

She is watching some videos on the internet, and it suddenly freezes. But it freezes completely. No Ctrl+Alt+Delete, no Alt+F4, no Alt+Tab, nothing. It responds to absolutely nothing. It doesn't even go to sleep if you close the lid, nor if you press the power button.

But then, when you restart the computer it works as if nothing happened, only for it to freeze some random time later.

The details for the laptop are:

- Model: Acer Aspire ES1-533

- Processor: Intel Pentium CPU N4200 @ 1.10GHz

- RAM: 4GB (DDR3)

- Graphics: Intel integrated HD Graphics

- SSD: /!\ This is the only thing that was ever modified on this laptop. I replaced the crappy 5400rpm 1TB HDD for a Crucial BX300 240GB SSD.

The Windows 10 installation is also fresh from when the HDD was replaced with the SSD.


Does anyone have an idea of what's going on? I've never seen anything like this...

Cheers everybody


Edit: It does forcedly shutdown if you press and hold the power button.

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