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3 minutes ago, ZINHAR said:

So I got a very good deal on a used ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP Extreme a few weeks ago and was wondering if my R5 1500X or 8GB of 3200 memory is bottlenecking it

I've tried Afterburner and Superposition, GPU usage is at 100% at 1440p most of the time but I'm getting a lot of stuttering and FPS drops in The Crew 2 and some other titles


I need to get about 150FPS at 1440P in Black Squad and CS:GO and I know that my 1080 can handle it

But will an Upgrade to a Ryzen 2600X or something fix the stuttering and frame drops??

 are you sure that a 1080 non ti can push 150 fps at 1440p?

gaming system: R7 3700X @ 4.25Ghz cpu / B450 STEEL LEGEND mobo / 4x8gb corsair Vengeance @3333Mhz ram / RX 7900XTX pulse gpu / Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 cpu cooler /Coolermaster Qube 500 case / Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 12 1500w power supply


laptop: Dell xps 9510, 3.5k OLED, i7 11800h, rtx 3050 ti, 2x16gb DDR4 @ 3200Mhz, 1TB main drive, 2TB add in ssd

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Lower your texture when playing online.

My Rig: CPU: i9-9900k (5Ghz), Ram: 32gigs 3600mhz DDR4 CL16, MOBO: Gigabyte Aorus z390 Ultra, HDD: Samsung 970 Evo 500gig x2, Samsung 850 evo 250 gig, 2 TB Baracuda 7200 rpm,6tb WD Black 7200rpm, 4TB NAS, GPU: Gigabyte Aorus 3090 Master


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