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[No Longer Need Help] Macbook Pro Invalid Sibling Link Error (Corrupted Boot)

I have a 2012 Macbook Pro that my sister wants to recover her pictures and documents. She obtained that laptop from her Medical School (It was included in her tuition) and has always been left the way it was setup. I'll start from the beginning my issues and solutions I've tried and we'll go from there.

- When I first turned on the laptop and logged in to my sister's account, the mac loading screen just stays on a loop. I've left it like that for half an hour and retried it after that, ending in the same result. She says the macbook didn't have any issues 2 months back.

- Ok so I did some online research and booted into disk utility. And I noticed that the "Macintosh HD" Drive was not working properly since it failed a Verify and Repair. I do remember doing some other things in here before and I know for a fact that the Mac Hard Drive is encrypted by the school.


- I then rebooted into Single Sign On to access the terminal directly logged in as the Disk Utility Terminal gave (NO WRITE) errors. Inside the terminal I sent a "fsck" just to see what was wrong with the drive, and this was the result.


- I then came across a really good 2007 forum about this issue and how others have solved it http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20070204093925888
Unfortunately no matter if I ran commands like "fsck_hfs/dev/disk1" I would get the following error:

Checking volume.
Checking Extents Overflow file.
Checking Catalog file.
Rebuilding catalog B-tree.
The volume HDD could not be repaired.


I've tried EaseUS, iBoysoft, and PhotoRec TestDisk but none of them could recover correct data from the encrypted drive. I am currently going to try Stellar to see if what they claim is true about recovering from an encrypted drive with a password of course which I have. If anyone else has a suggestion or if you know how much an Apple Store might charge for this fix, please let me know. I'm not willing to shell out a lot of money but if it's under $100 I will definitely consider it.





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