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Used Lenovo Thinkstation D20 what to expect?

Hello everybody
I recently ordered a refurbished Lenovo Thinkstation D20 equipped with a single Xeon quad core and 4 Gigs of ram, I know it's underwhelming but what interests me the most about this system is that it supports a dual cpu configuration with 12 DIMM slots allowing up to 48 Gigs of unbuffered RAM as well as a massive PCI bay to accommodate one or two larger video cards. I'm going to build it into a workstation and gaming rig for about the cost of the system itself. I was just wondering what kind of performance can I expect from an 8 core Xeon machine? I'm aiming to put 32 GB of ram(8x4GB across 8 of the 12 DIMM slots), a large AMD 8GB card, and two quad core Xeon E5506 processors on a single machine.


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