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Wifi Dual band and diversity - HELP?

Hello everyone,


Can anyone of you explain to me what is wifi antenna diversity in a laptop? Like let's say i want to upgrade my laptop wifi antennas to two 7dbi dipoles (pcb form) and i have an intel dual band wireless card, do i orientate one dipole horizontally and the other vertically? Or shall i orientate both vertically? And what are the AUX and MAIN on the dual band wireless card? 


Please explain to me in depth


Any and all opinions are much appreciated 


Thank you all :)

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Not sure if its technically the reason for the naming, but usually the MAIN antenna is used for Bluetooth and WiFi, with AUX for WiFi only.  I think the naming overall is just down to what the vendor decides as I I've seen some named 1,2 and 3x3 cards 1,2,3.


As for diversity, just Google "wifi diversity", there are several very clear explanations.

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