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Acer S277HK flickering problem, help!




Recently my Acer monitor started flickering intensely. This happened out of nowhere, and now I'm sitting with a 600 US$ monitor that is basically unusable. I bought the monitor sometime in 2016 and the guarantee on Acer's website states that there only is a 2-year guarantee on Acer Monitors. If anyone knows how I can fix this please tell me how to do so, or if I need to send it in for repair. I have attached a video showing the problem. I am also wondering how much I actually would have to pay if I were to send it in for a repair, as it doesn't state any prices when you go through the repair feature on Acer's website. 


I have already tried changing the refresh rate, and I can confirm that it has nothing to do with my MacBook that it's connected to. 


The monitor is a: Acer S277HK 4k monitor. I bought it on Amazon. 

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