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Does adding additional fans to motherboard cause OC instability?

I've encountered another weird problem with my board and I'm just curious if it was normal.


I was running 4.9ghz avx offset 1, 1.310v core, turbo LLC. This was rock solid stable on 8 hour Prime96 26.6 and Prime96 AVX separately.


I didn't like how loud the fans were in the system so I swapped in some noctua fans, added a few extra ones for higher airflow and all of a sudden my previous settings were crashing left and right.


It's now stable at 1.320vcore all settings the same. Why did I need an extra 0.010vcore to get it stable? I reverted back to my original setup and it was stable again at 1.310 vcore. 

Laptop Main

(Retired) Zbook 15: i7-6820HQ, M2000M, 32gb, 512gb SSD + 2tb HDD, 4k Dreamcolor

(Retired) Alienware 15 R3: i7-6820HK, GTX1070, 16gb, 512 SSD + 1tb HDD, 1080p

(Retired) T560: i7-6600U, HD520, 16gb, 512gb SSD, 1620p

(Retired) P650RS: i7-6820HK, 1070, 16gb, 512gb + 1tb HDD, 4k Samsung PLS

(Retired) MBP 2012 Retina: i7-3820QM, GT650M, 16gb, 512gb SSD, 1800p

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0.01v is a very negligible difference, you are overreacting. Answer to your question, I highly doubt it.

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