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Restoring A Cold War Era Siren

We we were on a trip and visiting some relatives in Arkansas and somehow the subject of sirens came up came up and my uncle remembered there was an auction in his town and he said there might be some sirens in it because the city had replaced the old system. I am a siren enthusiast (yes that is a thing) so this was very exciting. Soon we found out there was a siren in the auction, and then found out a few weeks back that we had won the auction for the siren (a STL-10) For only $40! It will soon be at my house and I am hopefully going to repaint and restore it to working order. Does anyone have any pointers/ tips for restoring it?



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Looks a bit rusty so some treatment with that. 

Rustolium paint might help. I think it’s anti rust. 


40 bucks seems like a good deal. It’s probably worth more in metal weight alone if my uneducated estimate is remotely accurate 

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Permatex makes a great Rust Treatment that is paintable.  This thing it going to be a badass dinner bell when you're all finished.

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Didn't this unit come from Vinita, Oklahoma? 

My apologies on the bump, but nice to have extra info on this siren. 

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